Aufruf zum nationalen Widerstand gegen das verbrecherische BRD- und AUT System!

Vorab zum Mordfall Nadine O.:





Ich werde die Sachen noch mit weiteren sehr überzeugenden und ergänzenden Hinweisen versehen/neu überarbeiten.

Nicht nur AnarchistINNEN sind von staatlicher Extremwillkür bedroht, sondern alle, die mit dem System unzufrieden sind!

Von ganz rechts bis ganz links!

25th of February 2009, 21.52 p.m. German Time: Hello World!

aktuelle MitteilungenPosted by Winfried Sobottka Wed, February 25, 2009 22:06:03
Dear Sisters and Brothers around the world!

I am sorry to tell You that there are very goof reasons to expect that the People of Germany is unable to do anything against the running developement to absolute totalitarism.

That doesn´t concern our Hackers and Specialists - they are very brave and tough. Really the best people I ever have taken knowledge of. But they are only a small part of the German People, the rest is depraved SS-Satanists or depraved cowards. I can´t help to take that as the truth after having fought longer than two and a half year in public internet.

I have published a lot of things about crimes of state, SEXUALSCHEMA and so on in German language, those contents are mostly existing yet and that will not change because of my doing. Should there be any Germans who are interested to use them - I will prevent nobody´s doing concerning that.

But at this time I really don´t see any sense in writing mor in German, so I will write in American/English only. I will translate the texts of Sexualschama first, that will run much faster than up to now because I will concentrate my power to that.

I Love You!



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