Aufruf zum nationalen Widerstand gegen das verbrecherische BRD- und AUT System!

Vorab zum Mordfall Nadine O.:





Ich werde die Sachen noch mit weiteren sehr überzeugenden und ergänzenden Hinweisen versehen/neu überarbeiten.

Nicht nur AnarchistINNEN sind von staatlicher Extremwillkür bedroht, sondern alle, die mit dem System unzufrieden sind!

Von ganz rechts bis ganz links!

26th of February 2009, 20.43 German Time There had been Problems today.

aktuelle MitteilungenPosted by Winfried Sobottka Thu, February 26, 2009 20:55:49
Wonderful Sisters and Brothers!

It was really near by a horror when the input-mask of one.com told me the used password for freegermany.de were wrong although it really was not.

I logged in on sexualaufklaerung.at to use the live chat, but after I had written a few words the line was interrupted. Then I wasn´t able to call the live-chat, sometimes there appeared a white field only in the frame, once I got a message that Java-Script would be needed - but I hadn´t done anything in another way as usual!

I had forgotten that I had changed the email-adress on freegermany.de - and I wondered that there came no emails from one.com in reaction of demanding help because of having forgotten the PW. Then I wrote about that in German language on all blogs on freegermany.de and a few minutes later I was able to use the live-help-chat on sexualaufklaerung.at . I was told to send an email to one.com and then their technicians would take care that my wish to pretend any changes on freegermany.de up to the clearing of the whole problem would get fulfilled.

A wrote that email and after having sent it out I knew I couldn´t do anything more - so I got calm and controlled other email-boxes whether there would be the emails of one.com for PW-resetting.

I found them and that moment it seemed clear that the F* of German State´s Protection hadn´t gotten my freegermany-PW but only disturbed my access to one.com

I am writing about this in detail so that You all know what they are able to do at this time. Of course that gives no guarantee concerning tomorrow, so that it cannot be a silly idea to save my contents!

Furthermore they disturb my access to blogtext.org any kind. I really don´t know whether I get the right input-mask, anyway I get no emails in cases of attempting registration or using "forgot PW"-function.

But I think the spreading on different pages/blogs is very important at this time when You never know who will be servil to the SS-Satanists and block my contents on his host.

It is really a handicap for me to work on low level in internet and I couldn´t do so if our hackers weren´t watching and protecting my line.

I don´t think that I will tear big trees out of earth today yet, I must admit that I am knackered any way. There are lots of things that give reasons for that at this time, I do not want to write about all of them at all times, but You should know my usual fears and problems long ago. I am not sitting on another planet with all people I love around me any time, and I am not that one who doesn´t think about the welfare of others.

Dr. P. has ordered to create and host a homepage for him as I have taken knowledge of by the search-engines. I know very well that he is much to busy than to need more orders.

As long as only I am demonstrating braveness there is a great fear on all other sides to do the same.

If the SS-Satanists should win than that will have been the problem: The fear is working for them at this time, for more than two years Sobottka is standing alone in public.

Of course that matters in any way: Whether blog.de has to decide about the blocking of my blogs and so on.

What would happen if they would kill my sons, my neighbour, Dr. P. or me?

Would that be their victory? It seems like that.



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