Aufruf zum nationalen Widerstand gegen das verbrecherische BRD- und AUT System!

Vorab zum Mordfall Nadine O.:





Ich werde die Sachen noch mit weiteren sehr überzeugenden und ergänzenden Hinweisen versehen/neu überarbeiten.

Nicht nur AnarchistINNEN sind von staatlicher Extremwillkür bedroht, sondern alle, die mit dem System unzufrieden sind!

Von ganz rechts bis ganz links!

To the hackers and to the specialists.

aktuelle MitteilungenPosted by Winfried Sobottka Tue, February 24, 2009 23:35:16
Wonderful Sisters and Brothers!

All of You know very well that my anger has nothing to do with You. In contrary to that: Most of You are working much harder than I, and many of You are risking much more than I. But I am really angry about those who are too coward, too lethargic or whatever else to do anything at all. I really could give them what-for, those who are looking since years and do nothing. The numbers of visits are rising - OK. Until 18.57 it has been 73 on sexualaufklaerung.at, more than for any other total day up to now, and 207 on freegermany.de, better than yesterday. But that is not of any worth if no one is disposed to do anything. And it will not keep on if no one is willed to do anything. We have a very good position at this time, a result of tough fighting by some of us. But there is no chance to go on successfully if we are not able to mobilize our own people. Then it will have been a storm in the glass only. And I think those f* are not able to get that.

I love You!



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