Anarchists and National Socialists!

My words to my wonderful Sisters and Brothers - in American/English. I am really not perfect in writing A/E, but I think You will understand what I mean!

28th of September 2009, 10.59 a.m. German Time: No good Motivation.

To my Sisters and BrothersPosted by Winfried Sobottka Mon, September 28, 2009 11:13:10

Dear Sisters and Brothers!

The elections are over and those press-services that had allowed me to public seem to have gotten pression: At last they deleted a lot of my articles, on of them prevents the punlishing of the domaon name and other words since then.

I think we all must understand that the SS-Satanists are able to make enough pression in all cases to achieve their targets - with the exception of cases the control lies in our own hands.

I am not really motivated at this time - how could I? See the links to on alexa - all were set by myself.

Dr. Roggenwallner has the license to defame me everywhere in internet - and what do all others do? hey, they look at that! How fine!

What shall I say to all that? I think You should know by Yourself.

Winfried Sobottka