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My words to my wonderful Sisters and Brothers - in American/English. I am really not perfect in writing A/E, but I think You will understand what I mean!

26th of September 2009, 02.56 a.m. German Time: Short Hello!

To my Sisters and BrothersPosted by Winfried Sobottka Sat, September 26, 2009 03:07:13

Dear Sisters and Brothers!

I have prepared the frontpage of for the case that "activists" who would shout "Yeah!" during Merkel´s speech today should be willed to shout "www full-stop freegermany full-stop de" intead of that.

I know that frontpage isn´t a master´s work, the time had been too short and I am not ingenious. But I think it presents most important points of criticism and points the medias do not inform about.

Whether the people will do or not - no one knows that at this time, and that is a good thing anyway: Merkel and state´s protection have to fear that, and it would be a good thing, too, if Merkel would cancel her public speech. The statistics of are making trouble again, the last counted record on has been on 23rd of September, the last counted record on yesterday at 5.57 a.m. So I don´t really know what there has been going on, but of course I know that the alexa numbers are nonsense: You can throw them into the trasher.

I love You!smileysmileysmiley