Anarchists and National Socialists!

My words to my wonderful Sisters and Brothers - in American/English. I am really not perfect in writing A/E, but I think You will understand what I mean!

21rst of September 2009, 03.29 German Time

To my Sisters and BrothersPosted by Winfried Sobottka Mon, September 21, 2009 15:33:42

Dear Sisters and Brothers!

Time is really short, I didn´t sleep at night, but too long now. There are things to do. elsewise I ´ll get trouble. But one information: The Alexa informations lie: The numbers in this month are higher than in July and August until now and the trend within September is increasing. In the last days there were between 150 and 176 visits per day on

I lobe You!smileysmileysmiley